Church of
Saint Thomas More

Hartley Wintney

Times of Masses

Our Mass times at St Thomas More are:

Thursday Mass times may sometimes be subject to change, so please refer to the latest newsletter.

Photo Gallery
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In May 2016, our church building was severely damaged by a fire, which destroyed its roof.

01 The roof is on fire
This picture shows smoke coming from the roof. The ladder indicates that the firefighters are already in action.

02 IMG 5805

03 The aftermath (1)
From inside the church you can get a better view of the damage to the roof.

04 IMG 5804

05 The aftermath (2)
This picture seems to show a lot of rubble but it's mainly from the roof. Amazingly, thanks to the firefighters and local residents, most of the contents were saved.

06 Preparing for repairs
Scaffolding is already up, together with a "tin hat" to keep the building dry.

IMG 2873


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